The Most Popular Bathroom Flooring Choices in Richardson TX

From tile and glass to wood and concrete, bathroom flooring is an industry that changes all the time with recent trends. No matter which material you choose for your Richardson bathroom, you should take a few protective measures to ensure it retains its beauty and resilience. Here are some trending materials for bathroom floors in […]


Tips For Choosing Environmentally-Friendly Flooring

Today’s homeowners are more conscious of the environment than homeowners of years past. Many of them are searching for the latest in eco-friendly flooring so they can leave behind a minimal carbon footprint. In your search, you’ll find many options to choose from, such as bamboo, cork and hardwood floors. Just keep in mind that […]


Are Floating Floors in Your Home a Good Idea?

If you’re looking to replace your existing hardwood floors or are adding brand new floors as part of an addition, you may wonder if floating hardwood floors is a good idea. These are essentially new floors that can be installed by floating them over the underlayment and subfloor of existing floors. They’re easy and convenient […]


Most Popular Bedroom Flooring Options

The flooring you choose for your bedroom is important, as this is where you spend quite a bit of time. It must be relaxing, comfortable and beautiful so as to complement this private space. The floor is the first thing your feet feel when getting up in the morning, and the last thing they touch […]


Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Hardwood Floors

All Flooring Install gives cleaning tips for your hardwood floors to ensure that they have the longest life! Your hardwood floors take a lot of abuse, especially in colder months where water, mud, debris or even ice can be tracked in. Plus, dust and dirt can collect in dark corners and you may not notice […]


3 Reasons Your Wood Floor is Squeaking

All Flooring Install explains the three reasons your wood floor is squeaking. Contact All Flooring Install to ask any questions. You may love your hardwood floors for their beauty and appeal, but you may be annoyed if you find an area of your flooring that squeaks when you walk on it. It can be infuriating, […]


New Year’s Resolutions For Your Hardwood Floors

Ringing in the new year often comes with resolutions made by one and all. You may be making a personal resolution, such as to drop some pounds or to find a new career, but we suggest that you also make one for your new hardwood floors. When maintained and well cared for, your hardwood floors […]


Protecting Your Hardwood Floors From Holiday Party Traffic

Holiday parties are a lot of fun. But they’re murder on your hardwood floors! Adults can track in dirt and water or scratch your floors with their high heels, while kids can spill their drinks and pets can track in mud. Your beautiful floors that you take a lot of pride in could be faced […]


Should You Wax Your Hardwood Floors?

To answer this effectively, you have to be sure your hardwood floors are good candidates for waxing before beginning this type of project. Truth is, many hardwood floors should not be waxed. This is why you should always consult with a hardwood flooring specialist in San Antonio before considering waxing. In many instances, waxing your […]


Does Your Hardwood Floor Need to be Refinished?

Wondering if you need to get your hardwood floors refinished? There are many factors that play into this decision, mainly to do with the age and appearance of your existing floor. You understandably want your hardwood floor to stay shiny and lustrous for its entire lifespan, and with the right maintenance, it can. But you […]