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    All Flooring Install was founded to fulfil the need for professional flooring installation services. Our main objective is to professionally install all types of floors under the highest standards of the industry. We make enormous efforts to offer top quality service while securing a safe environment for a satisfied customer. We’ve built a proven reputation among the market for outstanding quality work and have built our client-base from personal referrals. All Flooring Install is committed to serving its customers and the community by fusing its core values into our decisions and actions - honesty and integrity.

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    Here at All Flooring Install, we work according to a set of values that we esteem highly. When you call us, these are the qualities that you can always expect.


    Our company takes pride in providing the highest quality professional flooring products and the most courteous service to all our customers. For us, satisfaction is the top priority, which is why a great portion of our business comes from referrals.


    At our Dallas flooring business, we’re not just focused on completing installations. We guarantee an amazing experience for you, just like the thousands of other amazing customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with.


    Flooring installation is a service everyone needs. However, it takes proper skill to install flooring correctly. We adhere to top industry standards of quality and use only the best materials, delivering a result that will look great, last a long time, and leave you satisfied.


    We take pride in providing affordable flooring installation for all types of locations. No matter the size or layout of your home or business, you can count on us to work with you and deliver the flooring type, quality, and result you’re looking for.

    Flooring Types

    We offer a variety of flooring options to fit any location. Whether you’re focused on looks, durability, longevity, affordability, or some combination of these, you’ll find what you need here.

    Trust Our Dallas Flooring Experts

    Our skilled flooring installation specialists bring the knowledge and track record you can depend on for high-quality flooring work. We provide a variety of flooring types for you to choose from, offering the perfect choice for locations and budgets of all types. We’re also committed to complete satisfaction, and have completed thousands of installations.

    Affordable Flooring Installation Tailored to Your Needs
    Many of our professional flooring options are touted for their affordability. It goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get high-quality flooring options. Our affordable flooring installation options are also designed to provide longevity, further maximizing the impact of your investment and providing long-term returns. In addition, we provide sanding, finishing, undercutting, and stair work.

    Customer Satisfaction is a Top Priority at All Flooring Install
    One reason why we’ve become such a trusted provider of Dallas flooring installations is because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. A great deal of our business comes from referrals, proving that our professional flooring products and services are both high quality. Our approach to flooring is built on a foundation of putting the customer first.