Protecting Your Floors From Furniture

If you’ve just installed new floors, it’s understandable that you want to preserve their beauty for the long term. How can you keep them looking brand new for years to come? Well, the first way to do that is to protect them from scratches and gauges from furniture. Regular cleaning is important too, but using […]


Maximize Space With the Right Flooring

Feeling cozy in your home can be great, but there’s a fine line between cozy and cramped. Poor décor and design choices can leave you feeling constrained, with small rooms feeling even smaller than they really are. If you have a small home or room, there are things you can do to make those small […]


How to Choose the Best Plank Width For New Floors

Did you know the flooring plank width you choose will have a big effect on the appearance and perception of the room it’s in? The right width can make a small room look bigger, and vice versa, for example. On top of that, the width you choose can also make a room look busy, cluttered […]


4 Best Flooring Options For Stairs

The type of flooring you’ll add to the stairs in your home will depend on many factors, such as budget, preferred maintenance level, noise constraints, traffic levels, safety, and overall style. Let’s go over the four best flooring options for stairs. 1.  Vinyl Plank Flooring Luxury vinyl plank (LVP or vinyl plank for short) is […]


Save on Your Flooring Project With These 3 Tips

All Flooring Install gives tips on how to save your flooring project. One of the best investments you can make in your home is your flooring. Once installed, it’s generally there to stay. With hardwood flooring, you get the most flexibility out of this long-lasting material, with the option to do some sanding later on […]


How Long Will My Laminate Floors Last?

If you plan to invest in a laminate floor for your home, you may be wondering: how long will they last? Any quality laminate floor should last up to its manufacturers’ guarantee – and beyond if you take good care of it. This resilient material is built to stand up to the rigors of everyday […]


Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Hardwood Floors

All Flooring Install gives cleaning tips for your hardwood floors to ensure that they have the longest life! Your hardwood floors take a lot of abuse, especially in colder months where water, mud, debris or even ice can be tracked in. Plus, dust and dirt can collect in dark corners and you may not notice […]


3 Reasons Your Wood Floor is Squeaking

All Flooring Install explains the three reasons your wood floor is squeaking. Contact All Flooring Install to ask any questions. You may love your hardwood floors for their beauty and appeal, but you may be annoyed if you find an area of your flooring that squeaks when you walk on it. It can be infuriating, […]


2022 Flooring Trends in Texas

Here’s a look at the top 2022 flooring trends in Texas to help guide your decision on installing new floors in your house. If you’re thinking of renovating your home, and flooring is at the top of that list, you understandably want to get with the times and incorporate something that will be on-trend. Here’s […]


New Year’s Resolutions For Your Hardwood Floors

Ringing in the new year often comes with resolutions made by one and all. You may be making a personal resolution, such as to drop some pounds or to find a new career, but we suggest that you also make one for your new hardwood floors. When maintained and well cared for, your hardwood floors […]