Does Your Hardwood Floor Need to be Refinished?

Wondering if you need to get your hardwood floors refinished? There are many factors that play into this decision, mainly to do with the age and appearance of your existing floor. You understandably want your hardwood floor to stay shiny and lustrous for its entire lifespan, and with the right maintenance, it can. But you also have to stay on top of refinishing projects when warranted to reclaim that beautiful look you first fell in love with.

It’s common and natural for hardwood floors to get dull and faded over the years. After all, they put up with a lot of abuse. But even though your floors are looking less than stellar, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need total replacement.

Be on the lookout for these signs you may need hardwood floor refinishing.

1.  Chips and Gouges

Deep scratches can lead to gouges, which can then lead to chips. Holes in your floors are never a good thing, as they can introduce moisture and dirt where you don’t want them. On top of that, you can trip over those holes and chips, which is a safety issue. And finally, those holes can also splinter as the years go on, which is another safety risk for humans and pets.

2.  Water Damage

Have your floors recently suffered exposure to water? Moisture can come from a variety of sources, such as dishwasher leaks, storm flooding, or repeated spills. Always address standing water when you see it right away. Moisture is no friend to hardwood floors, and you don’t want them to warp or become vulnerable to mold. If you have extensive water damage, drying and refinishing the floors is a must.

3.  Discoloration

This one creeps up on you slowly. It’s not always noticeable right away. But one day it may hit you: wow, my floors have really faded! There are two types of discoloration: graying of the floors thanks to wear on the polyurethane coating and water damage; and fading from the sun. This is more likely to happen in rooms where you have large windows, such as bow, bay and picture windows, which allow the most amount of sunlight to stream through all day, every day.

4.     Outdated Style

Hardwood floors are classic and never really go out of style; however, changing trends through the years will dictate different popular colors, shades and sizes of wood planks. Twenty years ago, the trend was to have light, narrow oak colored floors. Today, the trend leans more toward wide planks in dark colors such as cherry. You may decide to have your hardwood floors refinished to reflect a change in your personal taste and style, perhaps as the result of a kitchen renovation.

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