New Year’s Resolutions For Your Hardwood Floors

Ringing in the new year often comes with resolutions made by one and all. You may be making a personal resolution, such as to drop some pounds or to find a new career, but we suggest that you also make one for your new hardwood floors. When maintained and well cared for, your hardwood floors are an investment that can last for years to come while adding value to your home.

Resolutions for Your Hardwood Floors

Here are some things you should resolve to do, or renew, when it comes to your hardwood floors for 2022.

What to Avoid When Maintaining Wood Floors

You may have gotten into some bad habits lately, but here’s what you should correct.

Steam Cleaners  

Don’t use steam cleaners on your wood floors, as you can damage them and make them cloudy and dull. The steam will peel off the finish over time, resulting in a drab and dull floor.

Home Cleaning Liquids

You may be tempted to make homemade cleaning liquids of vinegar and water (some people even use red wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar), but because vinegar is acidic, it will damage your floors.

Using Wet Mops Before Dust Removal

Always vacuum your floors first before washing your floors. If you don’t, you’re essentially spreading and smearing the dust and dirt all over the place.

What You Should do to Maintain Your Wood Floors

Use Cleaning Liquids Recommended by the Manufacturer

Because most wood floors today feature a urethane-type finish, the cleaning liquid you use on it will require you to check the warranty or manufacturer for recommendations. When you find and use the right cleaner, your wood floors will stay sparkling clean. 

Vacuum Often

Vacuum often to remove dust and dirt that can scratch the finish. This increases the lifespan of your floor and helps maintain the shiny finish.

Use Area Rugs 

These rugs are good for catching dirt and moisture that can be tracked in from outside. Put them at all entrances, but don’t forget to move them periodically, as wood tends to change color when exposed to light. You don’t want to have any color differences. Don’t use rugs that contain plasticizers, which can damage the finish.

Wrapping Up

In the end, making sure your wood floors are clean and well-maintained is the secret to a beautiful, long-lasting product.

In conclusion:

  • Don’t use home-made solutions or multipurpose cleaners.
  • Don’t use wood polish or conditioners, or your floors will become sticky and dirty.
  • Use area rugs.
  • Use floor protectors for furniture.
  • Mop up spills immediately.

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