How to Decide on the Right Tile Pattern For Your House

If you’ve made the decision to install tile flooring in your home, you may think the hard part is over. However, the decision-making process is just beginning! Now you have to settle on the type of tile pattern you want. The vast selections can seem overwhelming at first. Consult with a trusted tile floor installation team in Richardson, and then check out these common tile patterns.

Straight Lay Tile Pattern

This is comprised of a simple grid, where each square tile lines up with the neighboring tile. Use this pattern for rooms where the overall design is simple yet modern. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for rooms with vibrant colors and intricate designs. The long straight grout lines draw the eyes as the focal point of the room.

Diagonal Tile Pattern

Similar to the straight lay pattern, this pattern involves the tile being turned at a 45-degree angle to resemble diamonds. Use this if you have a small room that you want to appear larger and wider. Remember, the eye tends to follow grout lines, so with the diagonal tile pattern, an optical illusion results whereby the grout lines remove the focus from the narrow space. Go with large tiles for a more spacious look.

Running Bond Tile Pattern

Laid out in a similar way as staggered bricks, this design utilizes rectangular or subway tiles to hide imperfections in the flooring, such as slightly uneven floors. It’s able to hide flaws well because the eye can’t readily focus on any given tile at any given time. Rather, the eyes are drawn to the floor as a whole.

Checkerboard Tile Pattern

This classic choice features an iconic black and white checkerboard appearance, but you can use other colors as well. This is laid out in the same way as the straight lay or diagonal patterns, but with this one, there’s an alternating color scheme. Many homeowners choose this pattern for kitchens, bathrooms, entry ways and living rooms.

But because it’s got such a distinctive style, it’s best to only use it in rooms with simple decors. You can pair your black and white checkerboard floor with white walls. If you have busy colors or contrasting patterns in the room, the overall look will be one of chaos and confusion.

As you can see, there are many patterns for tile that you can choose from. The one you select will depend heavily on your personal style and the style of the rest of your home. It’s important to talk to a flooring designer who can help you come up with the best pattern that works for your home or in particular rooms.

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