Best Ways to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors certainly make a classy addition to any home. But in order for them to retain that beautiful glossy look, you have to clean them properly and regularly. Heed these tips for cleaning your hardwood floors the right way, from routine to deep cleaning.

Everyday Cleaning

You’ll want to do some light cleaning every day or so, particularly in high-traffic areas like kitchens and dining rooms. You should sweep or vacuum daily or at least every couple of days if you can – especially if you have messy kids or shedding pets. Mop your hardwood floors one to two times a week in those high-traffic areas, and once monthly for less-trafficked areas such as formal parlors and guest rooms.

Deep Cleaning

Water and wood don’t go, so make sure you don’t use a soaking-wet mop to clean the floors. A damp mop is a better way to go. Also, make sure you’re leaving enough time for your hardwood floors to dry. Don’t let water sit; this is why it’s best to work in one area at a time. You may also want to pick up a spin mop, which keeps the mop dry enough so it does not saturate your flooring.

Begin by sweeping or dusting the floors to remove all the loose particles first, such as dust, dirt, debris, and human and pet hair. Mix about four cups warm water and some drops of dish or castile soap. Gently mix it all together without shaking vigorously. Mop in small sections at a time, drying as you go with a clean cloth or dry mop.

It’s a good idea to let each area of the floor dry while tackling other areas. And a reminder: clean each room from top to bottom. The floor should be the last area you clean, as dust and crumbs will drop down to the floor as you clean the upper areas.

Do’s and Don’ts for Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Use a manufacturer-recommended and approved floor-cleaning product, or just use plain soap and water. Some floor cleaners have ingredients that could very well void your flooring warranty. That’s because they’re just too harsh for use on hardwood. Soap and water work just as well as the fancy stuff you can buy in stores. It will save you cash at the same time.

Mix 1/4 cup dishwashing soap or Murphy Oil Soap in a bucket of water, mixing with warm water.


Use waxes, abrasive cleaning agents, oils, or furniture sprays. Why? Well, oil leaves a sticky residue, furniture spray makes your floor slippery, abrasives can scratch, and wax is time-consuming to apply while at the same time making re-coating difficult.

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