7 Benefits of Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

In most households, the kitchen gets the most foot traffic. From your movements during meal prep to the constant pitter-patter of hungry kids rummaging through the pantry, kitchen floors don’t get a break. Not only must they endure spills, stains and scraps during the meal time rush, they accumulate dirt and dust from all that back and forth.

Is there an ideal flooring type that can withstand all that abuse? Of course there is: hardwood floors! When it comes to this high traffic area, choosing the proper kitchen flooring takes a lot of thought and planning. Here are six benefits to installing hardwood flooring in this busiest room in the house.

1.    Elegant Appearance

There’s no doubt hardwood flooring looks classy and timeless. When it comes to interior design, it can be tough to balance style with functionality. Often times, the most practical and functional solutions are not the most attractive. However, hardwood floors are able to completely redefine and transform your space, making it feel warm and inviting. No other material can achieve this.

2.    Durability

Your kitchen is a major hub of activity, falling victim to frequent scuffs and marks. Thanks to the strength and durability of hardwood, you can ensure your kitchen floors will look beautiful year after year.

3.    Easy to Clean and Maintain

Kitchens get messy. That’s a fact. But hardwood floors make cleaning a breeze because stains and dirt don’t stick to this material like they do with other flooring types. Hardwood requires little maintenance beyond simple vacuuming, mopping and sweeping. But if you want to boost the fresh appearance of your hardwood floors, you can have them refinished periodically.

4.    Softer and Warmer Than Tile

Hardwood floors feel warmer underfoot than their tile counterparts, which can retain coolness. That coolness may be nice in the summer, but it’s very uncomfortable in the winter. Hardwood floors sustain their feel throughout all seasons. Plus, tile is harder on the joints than wood.

5.    Home Value

Hardwood floors add value to your home. They’re more appealing to potential buyers, and they will often be willing to pay more for them.

6.    Better Air Quality

Hardwood floors don’t trap pollen, dust or other allergens like carpeting does. So if you have allergies or asthma, you’re much better off with hardwood floors. Even though materials like tiles and laminates don’t have carpet fibers, dust still collects inside grout lines and embossing.

7.    More Spacious Feel

It’s not fun to feel cramped, particularly in the kitchen where you spend most of your time. Not only do you cook there, you also entertain and gather there. You want your hardwood flooring to feel inviting and accommodating too. And because planks are usually laid out vertically, this creates the illusion of length even in the smallest of kitchens.

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