2022 Flooring Trends in Texas

Here’s a look at the top 2022 flooring trends in Texas to help guide your decision on installing new floors in your house.

If you’re thinking of renovating your home, and flooring is at the top of that list, you understandably want to get with the times and incorporate something that will be on-trend. Here’s a look at the top 2022 flooring trends in Texas to help guide your decision.

Hardwood and Hybrid Flooring

At the top of the list is hardwood and hybrid flooring. Of course, natural hardwood has always been a popular and classic choice, but it’s seen a decline in the last few years. Hybrids and engineered hardwoods are seeing an increase in popularity in the last year or so. They give you the same classic look yet with lower maintenance requirements and more stability overall.

Wide and even extra-wide planks are driving this new trend, as well as longer board lengths, a bigger selection of colors and woods, and more complex textures and grains. Modern homeowners want flooring that looks great but that’s easy to clean.

Demand in Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is seeing a big resurgence, particularly in kitchens and baths. In fact, it’s a popular choice for families that have small kids and pets, plus it fares well in the hot and humid climate of Texas. But don’t mistake the luxury vinyl of 2022 with 1950s linoleum. It’s come a long way, with the ability to look like porcelain or stone tiles in squares, hardwood or stone in planks, and modern designs and textures in rolls.

Green Flooring

Green flooring is also trending for 2022 as more and more sustainable options join the market in all materials, from hardwood to carpet. Popular choices for eco-conscious homeowners include corkoleum and upcycled carpet.

Tile Flooring

Tile ranks second after hardwood in terms of popular Texas flooring. This is thanks to its durability and style that can withstand our demanding lifestyle and environment. Tile in 2022 will get a makeover, though, bringing new shapes, textures and patterns to the market. Tile is very versatile, with the ability to resemble wood grain planks or natural stone like marble. You’ll also see more chevron layouts, as well as checkered, herringbone and geometric styles this year.

Waterproof Carpet

Yes, you heard right. New fibers and materials, as well as a 100 percent waterproof backing, are transforming the modern carpet, making it easier than ever to clean spills on this cozy flooring type.

Light Colors IN, Shiny Finishes OUT

Cleaner, lighter colors are in for floors, such as whitewashed parquet and bleached wood, along with grey finishes and honey colors. Consequently, the high-gloss look is on its way out. That’s because it’s easier to hide wear and tear, stains and imperfections in matte or satin finishes than shiny ones.

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